I will regularly deliver improvements to make your HikeJam experience even better. Aswell post a release announcements on the News Site, encompassing smaller hotfixes and enhancements you might not hear about otherwise.

Jan. 5, 2019

Version 0.4.0 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Add: Steam Achievements
Dec. 21, 2018

Version 0.3.0 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Add: Online trail ranks and improved score system. Your score will be as well influenced by the bot difficulty and the number of players in the game.
  • - Enhancement: Shelters are now more evenly distributed on the hiking trail.
  • - Enhancement: Character slow down was increased on the dirt terrain.
  • - Enhancement: The time of day will change every time you start a new trail.
  • - Fixed: In the tutorial, the point of interests sometimes disappeared while jumping.
Dec. 11, 2018

Version 0.2.1 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Fixed: Item pickup did sometimes not work flawlessly and could cause a bug in multiplayer where the player gets stuck. The experience when you gather items should be now in general much smoother.
Dec. 5, 2018

Version 0.2.0 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Add: Tutorial.
Nov. 23, 2018

Version 0.1.6 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Add: Bots for Soloplayer.
  • - Add: 2560 x 1080 display resolution to video settings.
  • - Add: First-person view.
  • - Enhancement: Every trail starts with a random daytime.
  • - Enhancement: Decreased chainsaw tree cutting time.
  • - Enhancement: Camera is now following the rope gun projectile.
  • - Fixed: While the player is respawning sound will now fade out.
  • - Removed: Mirror traps
  • - Adjustment: Trail difficulty
  • - Adjustment: Trail [Fantasy] Surf and Turf
Oct. 16, 2018

Version ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Fix: Certain trails did not display the correct complete status in the main menu.
  • - Enhancement: It should be easier now to stand on the right spot to cut down a tree with the chainsaw.
Oct. 12, 2018

Version 0.1.5 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Enhancement: A billboard in the spawn area is now displaying game mechanics.
  • - Enhancement: Respawn effect on the character.
  • - Enhancement: Status light on the chainsaw, if the light is green you can press "use" and cut the tree.
  • - Fix: Mouse cursor did not show in certain situations while the inventory was active.
Oct. 9, 2018

Version 0.1.4 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Enhancement: Cliffs have now more rocks and are easier to climb with the rope gun.
  • - Enhancement: Arrow zoom camera stays now fixed and returns to the player when movement is applied.
  • - Enhancement: Jumping forward in standing position is now available. Jumping will as well slow your forward motion a little bit.
  • - Fix: Jumping while waving is disabled.
  • - Fix: Tree loot box did not have the same size on clients.
  • - Fix: Bear traps could kill players when they jumped "in air" over it.
  • - Fix: Game is waiting for all players to load the trail before starting(e.g. slow machines).
Oct. 6, 2018

Version 0.1.3 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Enhancement: Display attention note in main menu when receiving new inventory.
  • - Fix: Running down on a ledge from certain stones did cause the character not to show fall animation.
Oct. 5, 2018

Version 0.1.2 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Fix: Rocket launcher/mine could kill players in multiplayer if they are already in the finish zone.
  • - Fix: Rank did appear wrong if the game stats request was delayed in the main menu.
  • - Fix: Switching to a different steam account on the same machine would cause inventory to be selected in the main menu inventory from the old user. You have to reselect your old inventory(badges, hats) with this patch.
  • - Fix: Dropping/Picking/Use items in the air is now disabled.
  • - Enhancement: Drifting has now a noticeable advantage.
  • - Enhancement: Rockfall will be triggered with a rising chance if you move closer to the edge terrains. Rockfall will not happen on the grass soil and is not a time-based event anymore. Rockfall will now serve as a level boundary.
  • - Enhancement: The character movement and terrain is less clunky and more fluid. The character should get stuck less likely on terrain elements. The movement will always be a work in progress for futures releases.
  • - Add: Midairjump.
Oct. 2, 2018

Version 0.1.1 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Fix Main Menu Inventory: The campfire rucksack badge was displayed twice.
  • - Fine tuning: Rockfall will appear far less frequently.
Oct. 1, 2018

Version 0.1.0 ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Early Access Release On Steam
Sep. 13, 2018

Version 0.0.6 CLOSED ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Add Animal: Your dog is now waiting at the finish zone for you.
  • - Enhancement: Main Menu GUI will display if you completed a trail.
  • - Fix: Matchmaking "Start" and "Stop" button appeared under certain conditions at the same time.
Sep. 6, 2018

Version 0.0.4 CLOSED ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Add Feature: Hats are now available as unlocks in the inventory.
  • - Enhancement: Intro was redesigned.
  • - Fix Gameplay: Double jumping in to the finish zone would cause sometimes the character to fly upwards.
  • - Fix Sound: In game menu tab sound was not at the same noise level as main menu.
  • - Level Editor: The editor will check now if the terrain is in the beginning of the trail to steep.
Sep. 2, 2018

Version 0.0.3 CLOSED ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Fix Gameplay: Player could leave the finish zone by opening the game menu.
  • - Add Feature: You can now slide over terrain with the drift button.
  • - Add Aircontrol: Ability to control the character during air time.
Aug. 31, 2018

Version 0.0.2 CLOSED ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Fix Matchmaking: If a friend search failed, play solo game didn't start afterward.
  • - Fix Menu: Trail scroll view did only work if mouse cursor was on the chart.
  • - Add changelog.txt to HikeJam local folder.
Aug. 28, 2018

Version 0.0.1 CLOSED ALPHA(Early Access)

  • - Testing Phase(Invite Only)