Score / Rank System

How to Score

The primary goal is to achieve maximum progress on the trail. The progress is displayed in the left upper corner. You can score if you reach 100% progress or unfortunately die because you run out of health, mood or leave the trail. The maximum score you can achieve is 20 000. You can score higher if you get to reach 100% progress, play a trail with a higher difficulty, finish quickly in time or finish(multiplayer) first, second, etc...

Showing Score After Track Completed

Ranking System

Following ranks can be achieved and will unlock itinerary like for example badges for the rucksack.

  • 1. Tenderfoot
  • 2. Weekend Hiker
  • 3. Tour Guide
  • 4. Adventurer
  • 5. Mountain Man
  • 6. Pioneer
  • 7. Pathfinder
  • 8. Sherpa
  • 9. Trail Runner
  • 10. Thru Hiker
Inventory Badges Rucksack