CustomTrails - General

GPS Exchange Format

GPX, or GPS Exchange Format, is an XML schema designed as a common GPS data format for software applications. The format is open and can be used without the need to pay license fees.

HikeJam currently supports the three different .gpx xml file anatomys:

  • Waypoints
  • Routes
  • Tracks

They are all slightly different in the fomating. If you want to know the difference you can find a good example @wikipedia(image on the right side).

HikeJam can extract from "almost" any valid .gpx file the latitude(X), longitude(Y), altitude(Z) and create a playable trail.

The final content like trees, stones, flowers are created procedural. Every .gpx data is uniqe and will hash to a seed that will generate the trees etc... always on the same spot.


The CustomTrails are currently limitated in the alpha to:

  • Track length has to be smaller than 10 kilometer and longer than 100 meter.
  • The height should be lower than 9000 meters and above 0 sea level.

Can I Play My Custom Trails With Others In Multiplayer?

Yes! In "Find A Game" or "Hike With Friends" just choose "Trail Region" "Custom". The matchmaking system will now look for any open CustomTrail lobbys, if not create a new lobby. Your hiking "buddys" will receive the coordinates and the seed when the game is loading.

Where Can I Get .Gpx Files?

You can create or record them yourself for example with Garmin Basecamp. Also you can download them from communitys like OutdoorActive or GPSies. If there is a creator included in the header of the .gpx you should honor it by leaving it there.

BaseCamp, OutdoorActive, GPSies

The best Custom Trails will be listed on in the future! Make them publicly known by sharing them on Twitter #HikeJam or in the HikeJam Telegram Channel!


Note: There is an Example .GPX file already in the CustomTrails folder!(The folder and file be created on the first game start)

<1. "Find Your CustomTrails Folder in:

<2. "Paste your .GPX File">

<3. "Rename the file to Custom_[Country]TrailName.gpx,
 the Custom_ in the beginning is the important thing!">

<4. "Done">

<5. "Start the game. You trail should now be selectable
in the "Trail Region: Custom.">

<6. "If the .gpx was not valid you get a error message with instructions.">

<7. "If you are not happy with the result, adjust the the data in the .gpx file.">
Example XML Of An .GPX File
The Custom Trail In The Menu
I changed a single altitude in the example to 100000 so you will get an error like this.